Our Path

Our plan is to cycle from Bucharest to India.

We have no fixed route and we are not limiting ourselves exclusively to pedal power. Ideally we will not take any flights, using instead trains, buses or boats if we need to.

Below we have come up with a very random route map as far as Tehran to give you an idea of what our journey might look like. It is a wiggly line that will change due to our will, fate, geo-politics, weather, terrain and a zillion other factors!

According to Google Maps:

It is 3,616 km from Bucharest to Tehran by this random, wiggly line. Apparently it will take 49 hours to drive…

The wiggly line crosses 6 countries from Romania, through Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, Armenia,to Iran. Then the mythical line stretches onwards to our ultimate destination India. From Iran we will either head south to Dubai and try to catch a boat to Mumbai. Alternatively we will head north from Iran up through the ‘Stans’ and China.