Varna is a city with character where history and modernity seem to sit in happy matrimony. Roman ruins, a historic working port, golden sands, a sea park for sunset promenades, good restaurants, oh and dragons. There is an air of sophistication here that will vapourise in the sea breeze, as we head south down the coast road to the carbuncle that is Sunny Beach. It is Orthodox Easter Sunday when we awake in Varna – a fitting day of rest. The cathedral is full of people; hands clutch flowers in offering and lips kiss well worn idols. Outside in the bright sunshine our weary legs muster some strength to explore the city. Heartwarming graffiti provides creative route markers. We collect more memories, more photos but only have time to share what went before. This is a constant game of catch up.

One thought on “Varna

  1. I am loving your pictures in Varna, I have only ever read about it before & recall how it is famous for the 6,000-year-old Thracian jewelry discovered in a necropolis from Latin lessons no less! The art you are showing looks fantastic, how fun & creative.


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