Test Ride #1

Orsova to Baile Herculane, Romania

200km over 5 days to test our new bikes and camping equipment.

Stunning scenery cycling into a headwind along the majestic Danube against the flow of plastic bobbing merrily down stream.

Little fluffy clouds over Orsova and the River Danube.
A typical Romanian scene.

Friendly locals nourished us on honey comb straight from the hive and our thrist was quenched by fresh well water.

Wild times on tough forest roads where we were welcomed into the magical kingdom of salamanders, hawks, deers, snakes and isolated hill top villages inhabited by Czech communities.

One of 3 salamanders Ioan spotted in the healthy mountain streams.
Impressive woodpiles at a cheese makers house in Ravensca.

Onwards to Baile Herculane for a restorative soak in the thermal springs.

Roadside Thermal Pool

These healing waters were once considered the best in Europe, by the Romans and later by the gentry of imperial Austro-Hungary (whose exquisite bathhouse facades crumble in a delayed echo to the fall of power).

Baile Herculane is an atmospheric archictural gem in a stunning natural setting.

With temperatures reaching 30* (we really did break the weather!) and variable terrain, from pushing up wet mud forest roads to zening out on that one last uphill push at dusk on the lorry laden european road, it was a true test of our bikes, stamina and love. You’ll be pleased to know we all performed marvelously.

A taste of the road ahead…bring it on!

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